Relationship Counselling

Let our professional counsellors help you. Relationship counselling offers you a chance to explore your feelings and insecurities. By talking to a qualified counsellor you work together to aim to achieve a better understanding of your relationship and the outcome you both wish to achieve whether it is to stay together, separate or divorce.

Counselling sessions are normally held weekly at the same time and with the same counsellor. The sessions last 50 minutes. During the initial session there is a period of information gathering and agreeing a contract between yourselves and the counsellor.

We aim to prevent more serious relationship issues happening by early intervention and then helping the clients develop their relationship.

Relationship Scotland Couple Counselling Glasgow is an equal opportunity organisation and our counselling service is available to all, regardless of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief or age.



Marriage not what it should be? We can help. Relationship counsellors work with adults to help them to understand and work through the issues of their relationships. This can lead to improved communications, prevention of more serious relationship issues, and in many cases a decision to continue with the relationship. Family breakdown can be prevented and conflict reduced.

Early Intervention

Our fully trained counsellors are here to help. Relationship counselling is an effective form of early intervention in family breakdown. Counselling can minimise the negative impact of parental conflict by helping parents to communicate more effectively and to understand the impact of conflict on their children. The earlier this intervention takes place the more effective the outcome for children will be.


Helping you is what we do. Helping to develop your own solutions. Relationship counselling works to empower adults to take responsibility for their future. Counselling works on the principles of building the capacity of individuals and helping people to help themselves.




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