Covid-19 Measures For Clients

Relationships Scotland Glasgow is situated on the first floor at 27 Sandyford Place. Access is by a shared main door and close. Clients can either use the intercom system or phone the Receptionist on arrival.
Please make your way to the first floor and wait for the door to be opened.
Please wear a face mask on arrival (Staff & clients will wear masks in the building except when seated.)
Please arrive at your appointment time as we cannot offer waiting room facilities. If you arrive early there are cafes close to the office.
During the current restrictions each counselling session will last 45 minutes.
You will be responsible for providing your own drinking water and tissues and asked to take both away at the end of each session.
Please keep your outdoor clothing and bags with you at all times.
Please use hand sanitiser on arrival and on leaving the office.
Please pay for each session by bank transfer or Contactless. To avoid further risk we will only accept cash in exceptional circumstances.
You MUST contact the office prior to your appointment time if you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with someone who has exhibited recognised Covid symptoms.
You have supplied your address at Registration. This information will be used for track and tracing according to current Scottish Government Guidelines.
Thank you for your co-operation in our efforts to provide as safe, efficient and as flexible a service as possible. In the event of further lockdown measures being introduced we will offer you the opportunity for online counselling.


Covid-Secure Workplace Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment StepsKey Issues/Options to Consider
1. Define Who is at Risk
The people at risk are…Employees
2. Reduce Overall Risk
We will minimise numbers at risk by…Minimum number of Admin Team/Receptionists in the office at any one time.
2 counsellors on site at one time.
Up to 2 sets of clients on site.
Support counsellors working from home.
Stagger appointment times so that clients will not meet.
Clients who feel unwell must contact the office prior to their appointment.
Counselling sessions reduced from 50 min to 45 min to allow sufficient time for cleaning the room.
3. Select Control Measures
Our staff will work at home where possible.Admin team/manager will work between the office and home ensuring there will always be a presence when the office is open.
The counselling team will provide both an online counselling service and face to face counselling.
All supervision and regular meetings will be by zoom.
We will maintain social distancing at work by…We will maintain a 2 meter distance in the Admin office and Counselling rooms.
The waiting room will be closed as we cannot maintain the required distance.
We will put in placeThe offices will be professionally cleaned twice a week.
extra cleaning/ sanitising, including staff facilities. Specifically, we will…Counselling rooms will be cleaned after each counselling session.
Admin desks will be cleaned at the beginning and end of each shift by the user.
Protective keyboard covers to be provided for each user.
Everyone will be asked to use the hand sanitiser when entering and leaving the office and when using the toilet.
Individual hand santisers will be placed in all rooms.
Admin team will regularly wipe door handles and desk surfaces
Counsellors will spray clean surfaces after each counselling session.
Users of the toilet will be asked to spray surfaces on entering and again on leaving the toilet.
All cleaning material will be in accordance of H&SE recommendations
We will organise work so as to minimise the risk. In particular…Clients will be asked to arrive at their appointment time and no earlier
Clients will be asked to arrive together
One counselling session will be booked on the hour and a second on the half hour. This will reduce the risk of clients meeting.
Admin / Receptionist will open main door in a prescribed way to ensure social distancing is maintained.
We will use screens and barriers where the 2m rule cannot be met. For example, …Appropriate screens will be provided in both Admin office and counselling rooms even when the 2 metre rule can be applied.
We will use these other measures… Clients to provide their own drinking water and tissues and take them away at the end of the session
Windows will be opened during counselling sessions
All users of the premises MUST wear a face mask unless seated.
Client / counsellor to decide if face masks can be removed during the counselling session
We will encourage payments to be paid online or by card to avoid the handling of cash, and limit contact with Receptionist.
No food or drink will be provided on the premises.
We will communicate…To Relationships Scotland Glasgow Board
To Admin team
To Receptionists
To Counsellors
To Supervisors
To Clients via website
To Contractors
To Visitors
To add to website
4. Checking Implementation
To monitor the effective implementation of our measures, we will…The manager and Admin team will monitor the effectiveness of our risk assessment
We will review this assessment to make sure it stays up to date. This assessment will next be reviewed on…Initially this assessment will be reviewed at the beginning of every month and/or when Scottish Government guidelines change.
5. Sharing Your Assessment
We will share our findings by…This assessment will be circulated to all members of the Relationships Scotland Glasgow team for comment.
A copy of the assessment will be added to the RS Glasgow webpage.




Company Address


27, Sandyford Place,
Sauchiehall Street,
G3 7NG
0141 248 5249

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Thursday
  • 9.30am - 9pm
  • Friday & Saturday
  • 9.30am - 1pm

Last appointment is 1 hour before finishing time.




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