About Relationships Scotland, Glasgow

Finding it difficult to talk. We can help! Relationships Scotland Glasgow was established in 1947 and is now part of a national network of 21 local services offering a confidential counselling service throughout the Greater Glasgow area. Relationships Scotland Glasgow is affiliated to Relationships Scotland who provide training and development for our counsellors and quality assurance to our organisation.

Relationships Scotland Glasgow is a registered charity governed by a Board of Directors, all volunteers and managed by a small team of employees. The receptionists and counsellors are volunteers.

We support the Scottish Government by trying to ensure that children have the best possible start in life and to help parents and families develop their own solution to the problems they may face in their relationships with partners and children.

Relationship support is vital – for children, teenagers and adults. Whether married, single, living together, in civil partnerships, divorced or separated, people’s lives are defined and enriched by their relationships with others.

About Our Services

How do I know I need relationship counselling?
Couples and individuals can usually tell when they are in difficulty, however in our experience often people can leave it very late in the day to come to Relationships Scotland Couple Counselling Glasgow and this can make the task more difficult.

There are certain signs and symptoms you can watch for to answer the question
They can be:
1. If you begin to shut yourself off from your partner or both of you do.
2. Do you criticize each other more negatively and more frequently?
3. Have you stopped expressing your love and affection for your partner?
4. Have you given up or decided there’s nothing more to say?
5. Has sex becomes less frequent and more of a chore than a pleasure?
6. Have you stopped having sex all together?
7. Has one or both of you become more secretive spending more time at the pub, out with the girls or on the internet?
8. If you find yourself just “browsing” dating sites or joining them “just for fun”

Individuals come to Counselling for all sorts of reasons, to help them deal with a break up, to help them with sexual issues preventing them from having an adult sexual relationship, finding difficulty having and sustaining a relationship.

Our Service
We offer Relationship Counselling

We offer professional counselling for both couples and individuals experiencing difficulties in their relationships.
If you are undecided whether to bring your partner or not we have found that often the best results are when both parties attend, obviously this might not be the case if you want to explore domestic abuse, mental health issues or any other topic where you feel it would be detrimental to your relationship.
Your initial session will be information gathering, checking whether the service and your counsellor can meet your needs and identifying issues that you want to address.
The therapy usually lasts between 6 and 18 sessions. All information shared with the counsellor remains confidential except in certain circumstances such as terrorism, child abuse or risk to self or others.

We also offer Sexual Relationship Therapy (SRT)
If you’re sexual relationship is not going so well, this can often be the source of embarrassment and rejection. This can cause personal distress and relationship or marital breakdown
Psychosexual Counselling helps you to address some of these issues: body image, changes in intimacy, sexuality, lack of desire, etc. Sometimes you can be referred between the two services if you and your counsellor identify a need that the other service could address.

Registration Fee - £10.00.
This is payable as soon as you register. This fee is non-returnable.
Counselling Session Fee - £50.00 per session. A reduced fee may be available for those on low income.
Sexual Relationship Therapy - £60.00 per session. A reduced fee may be available for those on low income.
All sessions will be pre-paid in advance of your appointment upon acceptance and pre-payment secures the appointment.

Cancellations - If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice you will be charged the full session fee.

Please make suitable arrangements for your childcare in order to attend the counselling sessions.

Our Counsellors

Our counsellors are professionally trained individuals who have been through a rigorous selection process and training, they are all volunteers with the service, they all have recognised counselling qualifications. We also offer placements for counselling students who have reached the level of ‘fitness for practice’.
Counsellors are all accredited and registered with Relationships Scotland. Our counsellors must attend regular individual and group supervision, they must keep accurate records and attend regular training to update and develop their skills.
We offer volunteer placements to students on the Diploma in Couples Counselling course run by Relationships Scotland. Please contact the manager for further information. We recruit volunteer receptionists who wish to help us with reception and administration of our service.

Please Note you cannot volunteer for the organisation and receive a counselling service at the same time. We would welcome applications to volunteer after 12 months of service use.

Complaints Procedure

We take client feedback seriously and as such we have an easy to understand Complaints Policy and Procedures which is openly available. There is also Guidance for People wishing to Make a Complaint which will help you to understand better the process and who to approach if you want to make a complaint.





Company Address


27, Sandyford Place,
Sauchiehall Street,
G3 7NG
0141 248 5249

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Thursday
  • 9.30am - 9pm
  • Friday & Saturday
  • 9.30am - 1pm

Last appointment is 1 hour before finishing time.




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